Deepa has a true gift for pairing attentive listening with perfectly probing questions. After each sessions, I somehow both find myself identifying new personal traits I want to improve upon while also building confidence in my ability to address those traits. I enthusiastically recommend Deepa's service to anyone who seeks personal growth and understanding.
Benjamin Hoffner-Brodsky
Sophomore at harvard University
I was very frustrated and sad when I went to Ms. Gupta for help. I was struggling with things happening in my social life before the coronavirus and with the virus, I was even more frustrated. I found myself in a spiralling cycle down to what possibly could have been depression. Ms. Gupta talked me through what I thought I was struggling with, talked about how I could rethink these struggles and become a stronger person. She is perceptive to my use of words and informed me of affects my thinking. Through talking to her, I got to know myself more and become more resilient even as the virus prompts anxiety. I would highly recommend talking to her if you are struggling through a hard time and would like some insight on how to be your better self!
Lucy Shao.
freshman at Dartmouth college
Enlightening, thoughtful, and inspiring; those are the words that I would use to describe my impression of Ms. Gupta. Through my weekly coaching sessions with her this summer, I’ve gained much more clarity into my future and my past. Her attentiveness to details and her incisive perception of one’s fascinated me the most. For example, she noticed from the first 5 minutes of our conversations that my sympathy could have stemmed from some childhood experiences, and we dug deep into my past fears and found new ways for me to overcome these fears and find sympathy and compassion in a healthier way. This revelation has changed my life and the way I find strength and love. Her guiding questions were also invaluable for me to understand the sources of my motivation, pain, stress, and happiness come from; ways to navigate my relationship with my parents, friends, and colleagues; ways to reconcile my ambition and fears; and certain methods to channel my energy and strength to improve myself and others around me. I’ve felt much more confidant, resolved, relieved, and motivated after speaking with her. I would definitely recommend people in my age, especially those who are a bit uncertain about their future, to speak with Mrs. Gupta.
Lilly L.
freshman at Stanford University
I got to know Mrs. Gupta during the most devastated and capricious period of my life. I was mourning for a just-ended relationship and was struggling to start a company under pressure and objections. After several sessions of consulting with Mrs. Gupta, I regained my ambition, finally recognizing my ego and self-worth. I learned the power of forgiveness and saw the huge potential in myself. Not only she is a life and money coach, who guides in the plight, but also, she is a good friend and a wise mother who listens to, cares about, and devotes to the conversation. I hope more people can have the honor of getting to know her and working with her. She is truly inspiring.
Emma S.
Junior at John Hopkins
I approached Deepa when we were in the process of filling up applications for my son's undergraduate studies. Contrary to what we anticipated, the process was a roller coaster ride with more downfalls than 'ups'. After trying out various counselors, none of whom seemed to give what they promised, we were hitting a new low with desperation and frustration taking over. Whereas counselors were helping us theoretically and giving us inputs, they were not being able to give us emotional support that we desperately needed as a family. It was getting very difficult to consult them in areas, which although pertained to the admission process, were still personal, and maybe outside their purview according to the consultancy agreement. We were truly falling apart and doubted that we would be able to touch the finish line. Deepa came in at that point to give that 'human touch' to this entire process. Her careful questioning and understanding of our personal space, combined with effective listening skills and positive inputs helped us to organize ourselves and form an action plan. With her upbeat attitude, positive emotional support and motivational sessions, we started fresh with new zeal. This time there was no stopping we and we went all out to finish the applications on time. Thank you so much Deepa for guiding us and helping us believe in ourselves and the strength of our application. Without your support we would have not been able to complete our application process comfortably and positively. I would recommend everyone who is applying for their children for higher studies abroad to take life coaching. I find the fact that Deepa is an expert in life and money coaching makes her versatile to handle issues of all angles. Whereas we go to counselors for all our application needs, dealing with stress, anxiety, and frustration is a different ball game altogether. No counselor will give you the emotional strength to deal with the intricacies of this process. And that's where the Deepa comes in!
Meenu B.
Mother of recent admit to Cornell University
My coach, Ms. Deepa Gupta, has a talent of asking right questions at the right time. With an innate analytical mind, she is always able to reach to the bottlenecks of my life and helped me sail through with introspection. When I was preparing for my US MBA entrance, she would, without exception, take an update from me about how I was doing and where have my preparations reached. An exceptional coach - who cannot rest unless I am at peace. The best part, she can keep inter-dependent things independent from each other and take action on them individually. What I have usually seen is that people are not able to segregate their problems, and hence they are not able to take right actions on them. But she is a master in that. She will segregate, rather classify them and empowered me how to act upon each of them individually. While I decided against attending MBA in the United States to pursue an exciting start up opportunity, I will be forever grateful to Ms. Gupta for providing me clarity in a time of turbulence. Also, her serene tone always makes it easy to open up. She is the one go-to person whenever you are in dilemma.
Harshit R.
Partner at Chai Kappi, a rapidly growing startup in India
Deepa integrates her life coaching skills along with money coaching from which I benefited.
Her service is highly confidential, therefore, if you are sincere and keen to work on yourself, count on Deepa to create the perfect ambiance for your metamorphosis! Through her unwavering presence, Deepa has the talent to identify unconscious patterns blocking your personal growth. Deepa is skilled at creating lasting insights. She doesn't give answers, rather, she empowers you to find them in yourself and trust your inner compass. Being a non-judgemental listener, she finds the perfect moment to engage in a discussion. She is a knowledgeable, compassionate, and enthusiastic coach aiming for you to reach the best of yourself.
Gabriela C.
Board Member of a Women's Association Hong Hong
I started working with Deepa because I liked her energy, enthusiasm and spirituality. And my experience with her was exceptional. Deepa was great at listening and capturing what I was saying and reflecting back to what I really wanted in relation to money. Her powerful questions and mindful guidance allowed me to let go of many beliefs about money that didn't serve me anymore and to create new, positive and empowering ones.
I would highly recommend to try Deepa's services.
Anna L.
Health insurance advisor
All cultures are different, but as my per my awareness, talking about money is uncomfortable on most cultures. The taboo around money seems to be one of the obstacles to prosperity. That's the reason when Deepa shared with me that she is doing money coaching sessions, I was immediately curious. This is a great opportunity to unfold such a tricky topic and learn something about yourself. Money coaching is not a financial literacy course, it will not tell you where and how to invest, however that will become significantly easier. It will open the doors to your perception of money, specifically how your relationship with money affects your life. What money relations are for you and how do you build your wealth. Coaching starts with answering some questions, largely based on your past. It is a great way to learn more about yourself, or to become aware how certain decisions led to desirable or not so desirable outcomes. This helps the coach to determine your money personality and archetypes. And voila, you know which direction to work towards! Once clear with the money personality, Deepa was able to give me practical recommendations that empowered me. Advice that I could use from day 1 and implement them in everyday life. Some I have to say didn't last, however others stick with me! Thus, I use and recommend the benefits of money coaching.
Kristina P.
She's got a business, marketing agency
It’s my pleasure to recommend Deepa, my money girl . She has her own personal approach to work with a client and I developed a comfortable, relaxed, and trusted relationship with her, where I could open up my money subject and experienced progress. Deepa’s confidence in the subject was very impressive. Deepa being an active listener and compassionate coach, further she adds her spiritual and philosophical knowledge which is beyond the coach’s skills. Deepa’s ability is certainly well beyond an ordinary coach’s skill, as she not only is an active listener and a compassionate coach, but she also possesses deep spiritual and philosophical knowledge. During our money coaching sessions, she showed her solid foundations in the course. She highlighted how my relationship with money was also affecting my business. With such insights, I have done a lot of progress in my personal life as well as in my business. I have set deadlines and have generated many ideas how to develop my business and my relationships with my family. Deepa had put a lot of effort in working with me, which I am very thankful . I highly recommend Deepa for your progress in business and in personal life.
Aliya Z.
calliope, jewelery business
Through these money coaching sessions, I uncovered my strengths and weaknesses around money in a very safe space, thanks to Deepa’s positive attitude. That gave me confidence and developed the trust to open up myself in front of her without any fear of judgement. Now since I had reflected on my patterns, behaviors and understood my mindset around money, I am ready to adapt new habits with more ease and purpose. I am excited to be having an evolved mindset to experience better and fulfilled life with my family and business. Before starting my coaching sessions, I knew what I wanted to achieve, and I was clear on my goal, but I didn’t know how to reach my target. After completing these sessions, I not only gained clarity but also found the purpose around my goal. The whole process transformed my confidence and I am committed to my goal. I learnt the importance of what is the right way to have a positive and impactful conversation. The best part of Deepa is she uses her money coaching as a tool for deep exploration, and on the other hand she asks powerful questions from her life coaching tool kit; this unique combination makes her a special coach. While my sessions with her have ended for now, but in reality, my journey begins now. I am committed, focused, and confident to be in the process of building my business successfully. I am also in the process of having a positive and a healthy behavior with my family and handling all situations positively, so I can experience fulfillment and love with my family and friends. I want to be an example for my kids. I would highly recommend Deepa for her money and life coaching skills and knowledge.
Rashmi K.
Aara – Home Décor Hong Kong
Deepa was very thorough and attentive during our sessions together. She gave her undivided attention and guided me with insightful questions. I deeply appreciated the moments of great insight and personal discovery that I experienced as a result of Deepa’s coaching.
Giselle F.
Deepa and I coached each other for four sessions during our Money Coaching Certification Program