What is Money Coaching?

Money coaching is a step-by- step coaching process that helps people to understand and become more present to their hard -wired patterns and behaviors around money.

This is an emerging and timely field and paradigm, where, as a coach, I help our clients to become more self-aware, create greater financial balance, and transform their relationship with money.

Money coach serves as a bridge: clients often feel lost when it comes to money and don’t know the “way” to change. Since money is a social taboo, people feel conflicted about sharing their thoughts and feelings, and a money coach provides someone with expertise to guide them through their issues in a confidential and safe space. Money coach serves as the bridge to self-awareness by helping people to identify their origin of their unconscious patterns and provide on-going coaching and support in helping clients to move beyond their limiting money beliefs and behaviors.

The intention of Money coaching is to help transform the individual and collective consciousness around money through education, awareness, and empowerment, which I facilitate through coaching, workshops and consultations.

How can I help?


Do you have anxiety when it comes to saving or investing?

Do you struggle to trust a professional to invest your money? Do you wish to change your career but are unable to do so because of the fear of making less or no money?


Do you let your partner handle all of your money issues?

Do you ever wish you made money so you have your “own” money?

Do you feel guilty after spending on yourself?


Are you undercharging your services?

Do you spend more than you earn?

Are you overly cautious or overly carefree when it comes to money decisions?


Do you believe others will take care of your financial matters? Do you believe that having too much money is bad?

Do you feel safe to discuss money when getting into a new relationship?

Do you fall in one or more above categories ? Do you answer “YES” for one or more questions?

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It’s my pleasure to recommend Deepa, my money girl . She has her own personal approach to work with a client and I developed a comfortable, relaxed, and trusted relationship with her, where I could open up my money subject and experienced progress. Deepa’s confidence in the subject was very impressive. Deepa being an active listener and compassionate coach, further she adds her spiritual and philosophical knowledge which is beyond the coach’s skills. Deepa’s ability is certainly well beyond an ordinary coach’s skill, as she not only is an active listener and a compassionate coach, but she also possesses deep spiritual and philosophical knowledge. During our money coaching sessions, she showed her solid foundations in the course. She highlighted how my relationship with money was also affecting my business. With such insights, I have done a lot of progress in my personal life as well as in my business. I have set deadlines and have generated many ideas how to develop my business and my relationships with my family. Deepa had put a lot of effort in working with me, which I am very thankful . I highly recommend Deepa for your progress in business and in personal life.


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