I´m Deepa !

Deepa is a Certified Money Coach, a Relationship Life Coach, passionate cook, and a spiritual-seeker.

Before I moved to Hong Kong in 2007, I worked in New Delhi for eight years in the telecom and banking industry, where I headed a team that grew from zero to eighty, specifically working in convincing credit card delinquents to pay back their debt. Not knowing it then, my initial experience as a coach began when I listened to the problems of my staff and my debt-ridden clients. I worked hard to find different ways to solve their issues, and I gained a deeper insight of how our life, relationships, career, and self-worth can be impacted by money.

In December 2007, I moved to Hong Kong with my husband and my eight-year old son. However, I could not continue with my previous occupation as it required the local language, Cantonese, and thus this occupation was no longer an option. So, while initially disappointed, I decided that this was a blessing in disguise, as I had previously been working 10-12 hours six days a week, and this gave me an opportunity to spend more time with my son. After a few years dedicated to motherhood, being a workaholic at heart, I started to desire a meaningful and purposeful career. However, a career change in a new country after being out of the labor force for a few years was a daunting challenge.

While I was looking for solutions, I met my Life Coach. I expected her to just help me in my search for a new career. But she began by understanding my past, where we uncovered emotional issues that I hid from the world and even myself. Once we resolved those issues (uncovered) and she learned much more about me, she highlighted that my biggest strength is my ability to understand people and help them solve their problems. Knowing my natural abilities lend naturally to the profession of life coaching and also got inspired by my life coach’s way of being, her knowledge, and the fact that she gets to help people for a living, I found my next step: life coaching.

Thereafter, in 2014, I joined Hong Kong University for my Executive Certification in Coaching. After tasting the coaching flavor, I further engaged myself for deeper learning of coaching. In 2016, I completed my Certification and Master program from Transformational Coaching Method.

After this journey, I experienced myself fulfilled in many different ways. Yet, living in Hong Kong, one big obstacle that comes in the way for many people is money. Most interesting to me was why people value money more than their relationships. To learn the psychology and science behind this, I enrolled myself into Certification of Money Coaching. This knowledge left me with very clear and deep understanding about how habits, behaviors and beliefs are shaped in early childhood.

Currently, apart from my clients, I am co-chairing the Women On The Way Up Committee under American Women Association Hong Kong. I am also volunteering with Kids4kids on their AFAC project as a Life Coach for their students and their mentors.

MISSION: Money touches many aspects of our lives. Money directs many of our decisions. Since talking about money is a social taboo, I use money as a tool which influences our feeling and emotions. Once you resolve your money issues in a safe, confidential, and trusted space, you enable yourself to overcome any personal or financial issues that bother you.

My mission is to help professional men and women, business owners, homemakers, young adults, and college and high school students harness their value and talents to the maximum. My method for success focuses on reflecting upon an individual’s issues that hindered their growth in the past, encouraging them to adapt to new habits and mindsets, and empowering them to evolve to their best self.

To make this happen, I am specialized in active listening, constructive feedback, problem solving, motivating, and cultivating a clear plan for how one can address issues that unknowingly or knowingly trouble them.

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I approached Deepa when we were in the process of filling up applications for my son's undergraduate studies. Contrary to what we anticipated, the process was a roller coaster ride with more downfalls than 'ups'. After trying out various counselors, none of whom seemed to give what they promised, we were hitting a new low with desperation and frustration taking over.