High Performance Coaching

High-performance coaching taps into the unrelenting belief that one’s usual methods are unsatisfactory. For some this means, they are too tired of comparing themselves to their peers. Too tired of falling short of your sky-high expectations. Too tired of feeling disappointed and exhausted even when you do meet those expectations. Too tired of fueling your productivity by the fear of the future. Too tired of forgetting to enjoy the journey. Too tired of carrying unconscious baggage of working hard in order to be happy in the future. Too tired of reading productivity, focus, and habit books but struggling to implement any meaningful and permanent change.

Indeed, it is time to identify the immense potential within each one of us and attack the inner obstacles that plague us reaching the levels we know we can reach. One does not need to do this alone: getting help from a high-performance life coach can be the key to unlock this joyous path of self-transformation. Upon identifying the root cause of the interferences that impede one’s progress, the coach will guide you in shifting your perspective and implementing the new habits that combined will be critical to the transformation.

Who is this for?


The pressure that teenagers have to perform at the highest level constantly at everything they do is not just overwhelming, but it has the potential of crippling our children with anxiety, fear, and insecurity. Parents cannot do it all, so taking some time to breathe and identify how to reach one’s goals without experiencing burn out is so necessary. It has become common to joke that high school will be the most challenging part of our kids’ lives. Let us do better. Let us support our children.


University is a different journey for all. Some know their purpose at college and look for support to push themselves to reach their goals. Some are using this time to explore academics, careers, and themselves: the exploration of one’s self in college is significantly enhanced when our fears and insecurities are identified and in the process of overcoming. A football player will never choose to be a goalkeeper if they refuse to acknowledge their hand is injured. Some want to do it all in college, and that is inherently exhausting, so how does one go about that?


The desire to push yourselves in the early stages of your career is natural and productive. But there is just something that you cannot quite pinpoint that is blocking your goals for becoming reality. Too many weekends spent watching TV. Too many morning workouts missed. Too little time to spend with friends and family. This coaching process can help identify that “missing” link and employ a science-backed step-by-step process to overcome these challenges.

How can I help?

Are you feeling stuck to find your purpose/ goal in life?

Is there any area in your life you wish you could change?

Are you struggling to develop long term habits?

Are you constantly anxious about your lack of productivity?

Are you struggling to move towards your goal?

Are you coming in your own way to accomplish your goals?

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Deepa has a true gift for pairing attentive listening with perfectly probing questions. After each sessions, I somehow both find myself identifying new personal traits I want to improve upon while also building confidence in my ability to address those traits. I enthusiastically recommend Deepa's service to anyone who seeks personal growth and understanding.