Supportive Parenting

Parents often decry how their child is not obeying them, not disciplined, not self motivated, not grateful, not succeeding, and not comfortable sharing their lives. The reality is parents urgently need support: they do not come with a manual, and online self-help blogs are unable to capture the unique struggles of each family.

Supportive parenting aims to develop a kind and close connection with their child by decoding the specific hidden pain points in the parent-child relationship that encompasses the core tensions. It calls for parents to be freed from the belief that their children are supposed to do everything as that is the source of burn-out and anxiety amongst parents today. This style of parenting does not espouse earth-shattering changes but emphasises that through the power of reflection, small mindful changes can make all the difference. Finally, the supportive parenting style believes in the powerful proverb: “it takes a village to raise a child,” but in our modern nuclear families, the opportunities to organically achieve this has become increasingly more challenging. But this too can and must be consciously developed.