My mission has always been to share the path to abundance with as many people as I can, which is why I relish the opportunity to expose different kinds of people with the introductory step of the journey to rationally making one’s own long-term happy money decisions.

The following are the common categories of workshops that I can conduct:

Who is this for?

  • Working Men and Women: Do you have anxiety when it comes to saving or investing? Do you struggle to trust a professional to invest your money? Do you wish to change your career but are unable to do so because of the fear of making less or no money?
  • Non-working Men and Women: Do you let your partner handle all of your money issues? Do you ever wish you made money so you have your “own” money? Do you feel guilty after spending on yourself?
  • Freelancers/Starting Entrepreneurs: Are you undercharging your services? Do you spend more than you earn? Are you overly cautious or overly carefree when it comes to money decisions?
  • Young Adults: Do you believe others will take care of your financial matters? Do you believe that having too much money is bad? Do you feel safe to discuss money when getting into a new relationship?