One-to-One Coaching

Learn about how you can take control of your relationship with money. The process begins with the first complimentary session that answers any question you still have regarding money coaching and evaluates the money type quiz results by explaining to you all the different money archetypes and personalities, specifically which unique archetype combination best describes you.

In the future of our four sessions and beyond, we will begin by learning about your money archetype profile and what that tells us about how you made decisions about money in the past. Next we evaluate what archetypes are the dominant ones in your decisions about money and which ones are dormant (but still crucially a part of who you are). This helps us gain control of the situations where previously you be out of control and paralyzed in the decision making process. The main objective is to empower you to rationally make your own money decisions, big and small, that are long term positive, happy decisions.

Additionally, some of your thoughts around money have been hardwired for long periods of time, frequently without your realization. We will go back in time to learn how your relationship with money was influenced by your family and community. Hopefully by unearthing the sources of some of your struggles (and also gifts) with money, we can take small meaningful steps towards change.

After you have developed a clear understanding of your core money patterns and their origins, the next step is to begin working on the many small steps that collectively are your “Money Coaching Action Plan.” During this process of change, I shall be there with you throughout this journey to offer support, advice, and accountability.

Together, I know we can do it.