Positivity follows Positivity

For a moment, please bring your attention to a rose plant. The branch which is bearing a blossomed rose also has thorns on it. However, we call it a “Rose plant” and not a thorn plant, don’t we? Which means, despite so many sharp edges the rose is still keeping its core nature of blossoming. Beause it has beautiful qualities, it outshines the same branch of thorns. That’s why we get attracted to that beautiful plant. Similarly, our positive thoughts are like roses in our mind. It’s our thoughts which makes our personality. Having both positive & negative thoughts within us, our effort should go in nurturing our strong positive attributes and unfold them like a rose. Simultaneously, one gets attracted by their positivity, while ignoring unwanted, destructive, negative & poky thoughts like thorns.

Yes, I am a big fan of the buzz word “Be Positive”.

Is there any way to experience and practice positivity everyday, effortlessly? Absolutely!


Being in a state of Gratitude– Yes, I know, this formula is cliché and universally known. Being grateful, gives us an opportunity to be happy. But the question is, are we REALLY practicing it, especially in difficult situations?

This reminds me of an incident during my college days, nearly 20 years ago. I was bitten by a stray dog while standing alone outside the college. At that moment, I felt abandoned. Thankfully, my friend was passing by and saw me bleed profusely. Keeping in mind mobile phones were not heard of in those days. She had to drag me till the college reception so I can get assistance and call my guardians immediately. What was I thankful for, you must be wondering?

Well, every situation leaves us with two pathways – an experience or a lesson. I made a choice to learn a lesson of gratitude. I would have been in a mess had my friend not come to my rescue. Being grateful makes me value and cherish whatever I have. Being thankful instead of complaining, indeed helped me grow even if I compared myself to others. As a result, it attracted success and goodness in all situations. Practicing gratitude consciously has made me a strong and a happier person.


Be an active listener– What exactly is active listening? “Active Listening is switching off our inner voice”. Inner voice is prerecorded conversations, experiences and beliefs. By giving our undivided attention to our dear ones helps us get into their skin, understand and relate to their situation and genuinely assist them. As a result, one can nourish and lift themselves to re-establish their half baked relationships among friends and family by practicing active listening.

Living in Hong Kong, dealing with helpers from different countries and various cultural background is often a challenge. When I came across this knowledge of active listening, I thought I would apply it on my helper. This established cordial association between both of us. This exercise gave me an opportunity to interospect and I found a treasure of patience and empathy within me. I embraced her without expecting her to be a super woman and in return I enriched my positive well being.

Formula #3

Aligning mental realm with physical realm– It is said that our body can be challenged provided our mind is convinced. The body-mind collaboration is not something new, it has been a well-discussed topic among intellectuals. Remember, “where the mind goes, the body follows”. Any external action can only reach to its potential with engaged grey cells. Mind generates thoughts which is nothing but a cumulative and a subtle form of energy. Hence, “power comes from within us”.

Yoga has always been a slow, boring and time consuming activity which never motivated me. Two years ago, I experienced “a blessing in disguise”. I was suffering from severe pain due to a frozen shoulder. Steriod shots or a surgery were the only recommendations by orthopedic specialist. After intensive research, I decided to give yoga a shot as an alternative method to heal myself. Fully aware that it would be a slow and time consuming process, indeed, it was! It took me over a year! But in return, I received two meaningful gifts- value of yoga in my life and the power to cure myself.

Isn’t it beautiful?

Each situation comes to us with an opportunity to elevate ourselves. These beautiful experiences can be embraced only if one is aware of their surroundings. Awareness is being mindful, which keeps us motivated, focused and energised. It bestows upon us hope, joy and empowers us to drive our life’s steering with positivity.

What do you think about these formulas? Simple!!

Regular practice makes knowledge into your own personal experience, which then strengthens our faith in these practices.  

Following these three simple formula, one can experience happiness, compassion and motivation.

Being positive is the first stepping stone,

1) To overcome stress & anger,

2) Mend shaken/ broken relationship within family /friend/colleague,

3) To elevate low self esteem.

Is this something a life coach can help you with? Certainly, a certified life coach can inspire and shift your negative thought processes to the fruitful positive thinking by identifying it’s root cause. Yes, it is very much workable. Keeping in mind, it is your core nature to develop, grow and prosper. Life coaches can provide various methods and tools to experience fulfillment, confidence, success, develop healthy relationships within yourself and others.

Stay tuned– for my next post “Unique gift options for this new year 2017”.