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As a child, I grew up listening to an inspiring quote,“ When we push ourselves to do what we aren’t sure is possible, we grow.” I have carried this wisdom throughout and I believe my life is totally driven by this nugget. As a result, I realized it always helped me move further and learn, as I faced many challenges & hurdles in my life. Today, I would like to share my latest experience with all of you.

Personal experience-

Few weeks ago,  I proudly shared my achievement “Certified Transformational Coach” on my Facebook page. Surprisingly, I received many encouraging messages in person and on other social media platforms. What astonished me the most was, that not only did my friends acknowledge my success but also inspired me to follow my dream. This motivated me so much, that I went further on to explain “What is Life Coaching?” As a result, it was an overwhelming  experience to connect with many on a deeper level. On the other hand, I discovered some had no idea what life coaching is about. Living in the digital world, makes it imperative to reach out to people online. At the same time, I was hesitant of being stigmatized by people. Thankfully, my coach identified that I was making many excuses and not pushing myself to the best of my potential to achieve my dreams.

And, now I am with you…


I knew deep down exactly what to write and how to write, but I was still reluctant to carry on. I am sure many of us have felt trapped like this before. Aren’t we all resourceful and capable?  Yet, we all have our own unique bottlenecks which could be limiting beliefs, old habits, different perspectives, behaviours, rigid way of thinking, cultural upbringing, etc . With the help of coaches, when these limitations are identified, we see a major breakthrough. It works with the same analogy when one is suffering from a physical ailment, and once it is diagnosed correctly, the doctor, patient and well wishers know how to deal with it. Similarly, these hurdles once pointed out, coach and client can work together to grow further. My mentor beautifully quotes” Coaching is not a luxury , it’s a necessity- like medicine for a patient”.

We as coaches follow 4 core steps while working with the clients;

1)Identifying clear goals,

2)What’s stopping/encouraging them to achieve their goals,

3)Creating options to achieve their goals,

4)Working towards their goals.

A life coach essentially empowers to reinstall their clients wavering confidence and ensure they have it within themselves to live up to their potential in their personal life.

Stay tuned- for my next post, “How can coaching be helpful in one’s life?”

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